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Looking for E-Commerce Solutions?


Its a digital marketing platform developed by SAP which combines data management, reporting, campaign planning and multi-channel execution in one complete package. It runs on HANA database offering real-time insight for todays business thereby helping the organization to enhance their services like sales, marketing etc. This package comes in B2B and B2C versions.

Instead of building any application from scratch you can leverage SAP Hybris so as to use the existing services and can create a customized experiences as per the demands. This all can be achieved using the companys existing platform.

What is B2B and B2C?

B2B means Business to Business is the concept of exchanging the information pertaining to products and services between businesses running across rather than involving the consumers.

B2C means Business to Consumer is the concept which involves a company and customer i.e., the end user who will be using the products and services.


MICROSERVICES: - It refers to breaking a complex application into smaller modules so as to make the application easier to understand, develop and test. This concept is an approach for service oriented architectures (SOA) in order to build resilient and independent software systems.

SAP HYBRIS- Revenue Cloud comprises of products based on microservices architecture enabling the customers to build simpler and advanced solutions. This enhances the existing solutions provided by the firms which helps them in expansion of their current business and SaaS (Software as a Service) applications.


There are three patterns which an enterprise software uses: -

INTRNAL MICROSERVICES: - This is one of the most common microservices and is present in almost all companies. In this pattern the vendor uses microservices as part of their internal architecture. Even Workday has started disintegrating their applications into microservices and are planning to apply SAP IoT so as predict increasing/decreasing loads in order to mitigate the repercussions.

PLATFORM MICROSERVICES: - This consists of the platforms which are already been created by software vendors in order to support microservices platform such as Oracle uses its existing services bus to support microservices architectures, SAP uses the HANA cloud platform, Tibco uses its existing service bus etc.

COMMERCIAL MICROSERVICES: - This is one of the rarely used pattern as it involves the sale of microservices by an enterprise software vendor.

YaaS : SAP Hybris entry to ITYaaS is an  SAP Hybris entry into IT model of microservices which provides innovative solution deployment option. With YaaS, you can develop customized application using SAP Hybris solutions with companys existing platforms. The cloud offers provided in SAP Store lets you to choose the package required for implementation.  Also it lets the developers to integrate the services into their own application providing address cleansing/validation, geocoding and reverse geocoding.
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