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Ideas for New Features

I have been working with your API for quite some time developing a Qt/C++ library that's for the most part complete and wanted to share some features I think would help unlock further potential of your platform:

1) The ability to create users and call queues through the API

2) The ability to remove members from a call queue given a specific routing rule. (ie dont dial the 3rd member in the queue if the call is from a certain area)

3) On caller ID filtering you can say things like 1858 or 1619 to route specific area codes uniquely. It would be nice if you could also say "California" or "Arizona, California" and route on a state by state basis. 

4) Don't force call queue to have voicemail. Should be able to just terminate the call if no one answers in time. 

5) Real-Time dynamic call routing. Because of the way the current static routing rules based  system works, the number of rules in the rule-set grows exponentially to the number of members in a call queue.

      In fact, given the number of constraints in Area codes * the number of dialed * the time of day * 10 queue members, it is easily possible to generate a rule-set of greater than 10^100th power which i doubt your system can handle. 

      You need to move to a ping-tree type system that calls something similar to a web-hook to which my system would reply to a REST API endpoint specifying the call sessionID and the extensionID i want the call to go to. If my system doesn't reply in-time, default to what ever static routing rule was initially set. This can all take place while the customer is in IVR or  during an initial greeting message.
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