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Feedback wanted: New RingCentral Developer Guide

My name is Byrne Reese. I am a Product Manager on the Platform team at RingCentral. I joined RingCentral because I am passionate about helping developers become more self-sufficient, and helping developers just getting started on the platform. Which is why I am so excited to share something the team has been working on to bring a number of big improvements to our Developer Guide, and I wanted to share with you a preview:

The link above is still very much a work-in-progress. So don't be surprised if you find a broken link or something that is awry or amiss. In fact, if you do, we are hoping you will share it with us so that we can fix it ASAP. 

Here are some of the improvements we are making:
  • 5-minute Quick Starts - we want our first-time developers to experience how easy it is to build on our platform, which is why we are creating Quick Start guides for each of our products across our most popular languages: Javascript, Python, PHP and C#.

  • Enhanced Design - we are working hard to improve the design, readability, and legibility of our documentation. 

  • Improved Organization - we invested in the site's organization, working to make documentation easier to find.  

  • Contributor Attribution - we are making it easier for developers to contribute to our documentation effort, and to receive attribution for those contributions.  
Last but not least:
  • More Content - we have added a number of new documents and refactored existing content into smaller, more digestible pieces. This will help developers find the topics that interest them and work to serve more of our community by providing content to assist people as they are just starting to learn, as well as content for the experts on our system who are supporting integrations currently on our platform. 
I encourage everyone to check out the Developer Guide we are working on and to let us know what you think. We want to know:
  • How do you like the layout and navigation?
  • Have you experienced any difficulty or issues?
  • Is there content you want to see, but can't find?
  • Is there anything you would like to change? Or have us do differently?
Send feedback by posting comments to this post, by submitting issues, or by editing documents directly

I look forward to hearing from everyone, and getting to know more of you! 

Byrne Reese
Product Manager, RingCentral
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