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LiveChat - Add Event Messages

Currently the ringcentral live chat app sends events from the chat application -> our main application. Currently the events that exist and are being triggered are (chatProfile, resize, chatButtonClick, messageCount, focus). Below are images of the code to print the existing events to the console, as well as a snippet of the console output.

I'm proposing that we add some new events that get triggered based upon actions of the user within the chat application (chatEnded, messageReceived, chatClosed). This would allow us quite a bit more flexibility to for example (alert users when messages have been received, and totaly remove the chat when it is no longer needed.)


Our particular use case that this would help is:

We don't want the chat bubble to exist on our mobile & web applications at all times. We want the user to click on something on our website to do the chat init and have that chat follow the user as they navigate the website (this is obviously easily doable already). When the chat/communication is over with, we want to entirely remove the chat from the website (even including the 'chat now' button). Currently there is no event that we can listen to in order to know when to remove the chat from the website as to not obstruct the users view of the content on the page.

Currently we have two options either always show the chat interface, or navigate the user to a new page to have the communication. Adding these additional events would allow us to integrate this chat further with our application to make better user experiences.

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